These devices send a signal upon impact if a client falls to the ground. They generally do not alarm if a client has a slow fall onto a chair or other elevated surface. Fall detectors are recommended for clients with epilepsy or those that lose consciousness when they fall.

Home-Based PERS with Fall Detection 

•  Available for both land-line based PERS and wireless PERS

•  Water resistant pendant is worn around the neck and
    detects impacts from falls
•  Works in and around the home
•  Smallest size Fall Detector automatically calls response
    center, pendant also has manual help button
•  Pendant also has a manual help button

Mobile PERS with Fall Detection


•  Smart fall detection that adapts to client's movements 
•  Automatically calls response center if a fall is detected 
•  Waterproof / Showerproof 
•  GPS locating ability 
•  2 way voice communication 
•  TeleHealth and Telcare: Uploads biometric measurements   
    from multiple wireless devices


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