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Medical Alert

Tunstall Medical Alert (Personal Emergency Response Systems) enable personalized care and risk management for seniors and other at risk populations to live independently at home and in their community for as long as possible. With its comprehensive range of sensors, Tunstall Medical Alerts can monitor home environments unobtrusively for high risk events, out of pattern activities, and potential emergencies.

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Quote from Subscriber:

Thank you so much for always being available and so dedicated.
Turns out my friend has a PERS included in her plan.
She is going with that. As for me...I’m wearing mine all the time
and feel peace of mind. If you should ever have a “youngish”
client such as myself or anyone that needs a recommendation,
I would be happy to recommend you as I have for many years.

Theresa M.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Medication Management

Tunstall Medication Management solutions simplify the management of complex medication schedules.  The solutions are designed to enhance medication adherence and eliminate overdosing or mis-dosing. With 24/7 access to our web portal, our state of the art solutions provide reassurance to the recipient and their caregivers that the correct medication is taken at the correct time.


Tunstall Telehealth Solutions

Our connected health solution for remote patient monitoring, the Integrated Care Platform (ICP), supports people with long-term conditions to monitor their own vital signs from home via a connected health hub, with the reassurance that if readings go beyond set limits, their care team will be informed.  

Integrated Care Platform (ICP)

Tunstall's Integrated Care Platform (ICP) solution involves the remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs and health condition from their own home - proven to enhance the quality of life and clinical outcomes for people with long-term conditions. It also helps people understand and manage their health, enabling them to stay out of the hospital and enjoy life with their family and friends.

Video Conferencing

The icp video conferencing module provides a visual and audio link which allows the patient or their onsite caregiver to interact or consult with an offsite clinician in a separate location. High definition, multiparty video conferencing, and scheduling capabilities are also available.

icp triagemanager

icp triagemanager is Tunstall’s innovative patient management system which provides the core functionality to support remote patient monitoring programs, including patient enrolment, care planning, triage, equipment management and integration of data into other systems.

ICP Patient and Caregiver Portal

Tunstall’s patient and caregiver online portals are designed to accompany our Integrated Care Platform (ICP) connected health system to provide mobile reporting access to caregivers and additional care services to patients.

mymobile App

The Tunstall mymobile patient app is an advanced platform extension of our ICP telehealth suite. The mymobile app, available on Apple iOS and Android platforms, is designed to give both the patient and clinician a consistent mobile interface that can be used anywhere, any time.

Fully supported by Tunstall’s flagship Integrated Care Platform (ICP), the application enables patients to complete their health interviews, view their monitoring plan, and review their vital signs and activity trends and video conference with their care team. Patients can be reassured that if their vital sign readings or health interview results are outside the clinically established limits, their care team will be informed.

mymobile also supports the integration of Fitbit activity monitors to enable patients, care givers, and care teams to identify changes that may indicate early signs of a declining health condition.